These are the workshops and courses belonging to the Data Science series.

These workshops can be taken standalone, separately from each other. But, if you are new to the subject, they are best taken one after the other, in a sequence. The image below shows the data science sequences: green, blue, red and orange.

You can take all the workshops in a sequence, or jump in-between sequences. Totally your choice.

Basic Python

A workshop on learning the basic concepts of python, with an eye towards becoming a data scientist.


A workshop on Linear Regression, which is behind a lots of predictive and explanatory models of how the world works.

Real World Classification

This workshop will teach you to classify: for example, will a customer churn, or is this mushroom poisonous? Yes? Or No?

Trees and Ensembles

Learn more about high performance tree based model ensembles such as Random Forests and Boosting.