Hello! And welcome to the GHF, the community side of Univ.Ai.

This is the home of our community courses and workshops, and the many talks and other events that we host.

You can access our community forum from here as well.

The GHF community has this pithy tagline: LEARN. HACK. EARN. Our mission here is to unearth and unleash data science and AI talent from all parts of the globe.

LEARN: We do this by providing low cost mentored and free learning opportunities, which complement our more university-like courses and programs.

HACK: We provide tons of exercises, and run periodic hackathons, for you to have enough ooportunities to practise and play with real world data.

EARN: We match you with great companies who would like to hire you!

Read more at the GHF! And browse around here for courses and events, hackathons, and all that.

Come join us in the fun!