Jan 23, 2022:  The New Communication Series

Starting Sun Jan 30th, this new series of workshops by Preeti Singh teaches us hands-on career skills: writing well, speaking well, and preparing well. Learn the art of writing CVs and profiles, preparing for interviews, and much more!..More..

Jan 21, 2022:  Welcome to our core workshops

We've got 4 cycles of our core data science workshop sequence. You can take the workshops in a sequence in order, or hop from sequence to sequence...More..


Hello! And welcome to the Geoffrey Hinton Fellowship, better known as the GHF.

The GHF the community side of Univ.Ai.

This is the home of our community courses and workshops, and the many talks and other events that we host.

Our tagline is : LEARN. HACK. EARN. Our mission here is to unearth and unleash data science and AI talent from all parts of the globe.

Browse around here for our workshops and events, hackathons, and forum.

Come join us in the fun! We are currently in βeta, so do expect some loose ends here and there!

How it works

Power up your learning through bite-sized workshops focussed on a particular topic.

Our workshops can be taken standalone, separately from each other. But, if you are new to the subject, they are best taken one after the other, in a sequence. The calendar below shows some of these sequences: green, blue, red and orange data science sequences that repeat, and a gray communication sequence (which might be repeated in the future).

You can take all the workshops in a sequence, or jump in-between sequences. Totally your choice.

For reference, here is a page with the sequences.

Here is our current schedule:

Not everyone has the time to attend workshops. And you might prefer to learn on your owm. We’ll be making these workshops and other course material available on our platform: videos, slides, notebooks: these are yours to play with. Learn at your own pace: interact with your peers and ask questions on the community forums.