Our workshops can be taken standalone, separately from each other. But, if you are new to the subject, they are best taken one after the other, in a sequence. You can take all the workshops in a sequence, or jump in-between sequences. Totally your choice.

Here is the current schedule for ALL our workshops:

For reference, here is a page with the sequences listed separately.

Basic Python

A workshop on learning the basic concepts of python, with an eye towards becoming a data scientist.


A workshop on Linear Regression, which is behind a lots of predictive and explanatory models of how the world works.

Command Line Basics

Learn the Operating system command line for efficient working habits, and install a basic python environment

Real World Classification

This workshop will teach you to classify: for example, will a customer churn, or is this mushroom poisonous? Yes? Or No?

Visualization Basics

A workshop on the principles of visualization with hands-on experience using matplotlib

Trees and Ensembles

Learn more about high performance tree based model ensembles such as Random Forests and Boosting.