We have lined up a set of top employers to use our recruitment system, for both internships and jobs.

Now, getting a top job is made simple. And we can help you no matter your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

AT YOUR CHOICE, we compile your Workshop completion, Hackathon Participation and question answering metrics into a score that is provided to potential employers.

Employers may ask you to complete, on our platform, one of a series of tests as well! These tests are made up of exercises such as the ones you do in the workshops, or that you will self-asses with.

It is now up to you to put in the work to become the best.

Career Development

In addition, you’ll be exposed to a variety of career related information, including:

  • Insights into ‘life as an employee’ in top companies
  • Personal Journeys of industry professionals
  • Pre-requisites and qualifications companies seek to hire data scientists/AI professionals
  • Information on career opportunities and access to career fairs
  • On the cutting edge: Talks on the latest in Data Science and AI

And if you represent a company who wants to hire the amazing students we have, go here