A workshop on Linear Regression, which is behind a lots of predictive and explanatory models of how the world works.

When and Where?

This workshop runs multiple times.

10AM IST, Saturday Feb 12th, 2022  Register

10AM IST, Saturday Feb 26th, 2022  Register

10AM IST, Saturday Mar 12th, 2022  Register

10AM IST, Saturday Mar 26th, 2022  Register

Details and Outcomes

Can you use data to allocate your advertising budget best to maximize sales? Can you predict real-estate prices from property data? We will build one of the most used models for answering such questions: Regression. This workshop will teach several key concepts in data science: statistical models, multi-linear regression, testing, and interpreting models.

At the end of this workshop, you will understand basic statistical models to tackle beginner data science prediction projects and implement them in Python (using Scikit, matplotlib, etc.). The homework will then exercise the skills you learned. We will discuss the homework on our community forum.


This workshop is taught by Rahul, Mathangi, Raghu, Atul, or a team of our amazing Univ.AI Teaching Assistants (TAs).

The workshop has been designed by:

Dr. Raghu Meka

Raghu Meka is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at UCLA. He is broadly interested in complexity theory, learning and probability theory. He got his PhD at UT Austin under the (wise) guidance of David Zuckerman. After that, he spent two years in Princeton as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study with Avi Wigderson, and at DIMACS, at Rutgers. And after that, he spent an enjoyable year as a researcher at the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Lab.