This workshop will teach you to classify: for example, will a customer churn, or is this mushroom poisonous? Yes? Or No?

When and Where?

This workshop runs multiple times.

10AM IST, Saturday Feb 19th, 2022  Register

10AM IST, Saturday Mar 05th, 2022  Register

10AM IST, Saturday Mar 19th, 2022  Register

10AM IST, Saturday Apr 02nd, 2022  Register

Details and Outcomes

Whether the problems exist as classification or not, they do get often converted to classification problems. We will first look at some of the easier and straightforward examples for classification. We’ll start with simple models and work up to more complex ones. Then we go depth into one of the binary class use-cases along with a dataset. We will solve it and spend some time discussing metrics and measurements.

At the end of this workshop you will enhance your repertoire from understanding regression to being able to use a variety of models in classification problems. Additionally you’ll understand which metrics to use to evaluate the performance of your models.


This workshop is taught by Rahul, Mathangi, Raghu, Atul, or a team of our amazing Univ.AI Teaching Assistants (TAs).

The workshop has been designed by:

Mathangi Sri

Mathangi is currently heading the data organization of GoFood, Gojek. She has recently published a book with Apress,Springer - “Practical Natural Language Processing with Python”. She has a 17+ years proven track record in building world-class data sciences solutions and products., and 20 patent grants in the area of intuitive customer experience and user profiles. In the past she has built data science teams anot only large organizations such as Citibank, HSBC and GE, but also tech startups like 247.ai and PhonePe. She is an active contributor in the Data Science community - through lectures, talks, blogs and advisory roles. She is a guest faculty in many premium academic institutes across the country such as IIIT Sri City, IIM Kashipur, NIT Trichy etc. Mathangi is recognized as one of “The Phenomenal SHE” by Indian National Bar Association in 2019, top 50 Influential AI leaders in India by Analytics India Magazine in 2021, and one of the top AI leaders in India 2021 by 3AI association.