How do you know that you are actually learning? And how do you know you are progressing?

For this you must engage in continual self-assessment.

At GHF, there are multiple opportunities to assess yourself:


We run periodic hackathons on machine learning and deep learning! You can learn more at GHF Hackathons

The Exercise Bank


We’ll be providing you subject specific exercise banks.

There are two reasons to do this:

(A) Continual learning: Suppose you do some exercises today. And you get them right. Research shows that our recall decreases in two weeks. So, to burn the subject matter into your consciousness, we’ll ask you the same or similar questions in two weeks.

But suppose you got a question wrong. You’ll see the answer, and then be asked this question again in 2-3 days. And you’ll probably get it right at this point, because its fresher in your brain. And then we’ll ask you again about in in 2 weeks.

The idea behind this spaced repetition is the aid your continual learning and recall.

(B) The other reason to use exercise banks is deep, timebound study. Say you are preparing for an interview and need to recall O(n) calculations for a binary heap. You then want to take “tests” with these questions again and again, so that come interview time, you are more than ready.