Are you looking for the best Data Science and AI talent?

GHF at Univ.AI is the place to find it.

We offer our students many learning paths:

  • courses with real-world homeworks and labs
  • exercises for self-assessment and testing
  • workshops and hackathons for solving real-world problems

This makes our students the best-trained professionals in Data Science.

The GHF team will match our students to your needs, both for internships and full time jobs.

You’ll be able to post these internships and jobs to our students. We’ll help you craft your message.

We’ll then help you find the students most appropriate for your company, and can work with you to customize online assessment tests for them to take.

Contact Us to get access to this amazing talent pool!


We would love for you to participate in this vibrant community and help GHF serve your talent needs. There are multiple ways to do this:

  • We’ll help you showcase your company to the GHF community.
  • Nominate an employee as a speaker in our talk series: we would love to have members of your organization participate in any of our insights and careers events.
  • Have one of your scientists be a jury member for our hackathons, thus gaining first-hand insight into the quality of the talent pool at GHF. This way you also help the top performers learn from your interactions with them.
  • Expose GHF members to what it means to be a Data Scientist or AI engineer at your company through talks in our “Employer Spotlight Series.”
  • Sponsor and co-name (GHF-companyname-award) a single award, an entire hackathon, or a series of awards across a hackathon sequence. You will also participate in the inauguration, award presentation, keynote speeches at the award ceremony held at the end of each hackathon. Your company logo will be featured in the hackathon collateral and social media platforms.

Contact Us to partner with us and increase the visibility of your company with the best students and professionals.