Creating a good, relevant, well-chalked-out profile

When and Where?

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Details and Outcomes

Having a well-written CV is great, but no longer enough. You must always be ready to respond to an opportunity, and to be able to share what you do in the shortest possible time. Besides, the first thing many employers would do, especially as you climb the ladder of professional success, would be to check your public profiles - starting with LinkedIn. A good, relevant, well-chalked-out profile is imperative, not just for potential employers and/ or clients, but also to build a portfolio and robust network.

The aim of the Communication Series is to help you build compelling professional profiles - across platforms and opportunities; to ensure confident and persuasive outreach and public representations by you; and to create a lasting synergy between these two goals. All this in an interactive and participative format, through which we share examples, checklists and standout ideas to help you with your resumes, cover letters, basic business writing, public speaking and placement preparation, among other things.


Preeti Singh

Preeti Singh is a former journalist and editor who now freelances as a public engagement and communications specialist. She has previously worked as a senior advisor at 9.9 Insights (independent strategic advisor of the Washington DC-based Albright Stonebridge Group), as a journalist in both print and digital media, as a business editor and researcher. She has two decades of experience at a premier national defence and security think tank (the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses), as part of the Op-Ed team at India’s leading news media house (The Hindustan Times). She has been an editor in integrated media companies, where she built community engagements around tech-enabled governance and smart cities, as well as facilitated conversations between the government and leading tech companies (9.9 Media; BW Businessworld). Preeti holds a Master’s in Indian History, an M. Phil in Disarmament Studies and is a Chevening Gurukul Scholar from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She also edits non-fiction books and teaches business writing and communication at various management programmes. She does a podcast on communication skills and can be reached @TruthAbtNobody, both on Instagram and Twitter.